Another Week of Review

Hello all!

So no fun talk about books or baking this week- I’m doing another review of a, frankly, terrible book that I read for class and so that is going to be my post for this week. Honestly, this book was a piece of work and I’m glad that I don’t have to read it again. (Watch- I’m going to have to do a research intensive class on it now that I went and opened my mouth).

Anywho! My mom is back home this week and now it’s my dad’s turn to be off doing stuff- though I don’t know how much stuff there actually is to do in Kentucky. I’ve only been once and it was a whole lot of nothing. Except for underground zip-lining. But I don’t think that my dad’ll be doing that, considering he’s- you know- old and visiting his even older mother.

But yeah, life’s back to normal (ish) and I didn’t get eaten or brutally maimed by a chicken so I’ve got that going for me and not much else as we roll into finals. You should check out my kind of mean, but not really, review of Generation Space: A Love Story on Amazon and Goodreads.(That is a deceptive title! Don’t fall for it! Unless you think waxing poetical (poorly, I might add) about space shuttles and the space race is a love story. Then, by all means, have at it. Anna and Doug are going to need all the meager praise they can get with this one- trust me.) You don’t have to though, you obviously have better things to do. Well, that’s it from me for now — thanks for reading!

(P.S I had to help my friend Kathy take her graduation photos (hence the photo for this week) and so here’s a few of my favorites because she is a cutie.)

She looks like Gaston in this one and it’s great:

No one's slick as Gaston

And my personal favorite:

She's Beauty and She's Grace



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Art Taylor says:

    Love the pics, looking forward to the review, but stop being mean to old people.


    1. Kathy Estes says:

      Oh Art, she’s not that mean to you 😉
      But she took great pictures! (I mean, with such a great model how could she not?)


  2. Art Taylor says:

    Keep trying to think of a witty comeback, but…. 🙂


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