My Family Discord, My Cat, and My Reviews

Hello all!

So while I had a blog post prepared for this week I realized that this week we only had to post our reviews so I’m saving the post. Mostly because as we get closer to finals I might not have time for anything other than papers and tears so I can then just plug the post in then. Cheating? Maybe. But I am willing to overlook that for the sake of my sanity later.

Things are moving along at a pretty easy pace which has me a little freaked out just because I am usually running on stress and coffee at this point of the semester. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth though and I’m just going to try to stay on top of stuff. Having a light workload is good for this week though considering my mom is out of town and she has effectively left me in charge which makes no sense considering my dad is usually home by 5 and I’m never home. If the chickens don’t kill me my younger brother will with his perpetual sass and misconception that just because he is seventeen and has a drivers license doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants while my mom is away. But that is a problem for my dad to handle and for me to fume about in the background while I clean up after him and his antics. (I swear- you’d think a seventeen-year-old would be able to put dishes in a dishwasher and clean crumbs off the counter)

God bless Kathy, best friend and in-home aid for my other younger brother with Down syndrome, William. Without her getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to get him up, fed, dressed and on the bus in a happy mood while I get ready for school or work or what have you I would probably not survive the week. The house wouldn’t run without her and I would surely have been arrested for Fratricide by now without her support.

But anyway! This week I posted a review on both Goodreads and Amazon for Jessica Shattuck’s terribly disappointing novel The Women in the Castle. Rather than be redundant I will just reroute you here and here if you’re interested in reading it. That’s about it from me for this week, sorry for rambling and thanks for reading!

Also, here are some more pictures of Prynne just because I talk about her often and y’all haven’t really gotten to see her.



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    1. We’re trying? Kathy and I just had to run out into the freak hail storm and try to make sure the chickens were okay and then we thought we lost one and I started to freak out and then turns out she was just laying down in the hay under the coop. They’re trying to give me a stroke I swear but it was pretty funny. Have a great weekend!


      1. Art Taylor says:

        Adventures everywhere. Glad the chickens are all good.


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