This is a Fruit Salad Post

Hello all!

So this post is going to kind of be like a fruit salad because I am going to talk about a couple of different things. I’m just kind of going to jump around and hope that it all comes together.

But first off!  How’ve you all been? Everything good? All things workin’ out in a favorable way? I hope so. And if they aren’t then I hope that they get better! I am sure that you all are doing your best and that good things are coming your way! So, now that I am done sounding like a fortune cookie!

My week has been…going. A couple of road bumps here and there but nothing compared to the early days of this blog. My cat is well, buuut I’m thinking of putting her back on her original food. She just doesn’t seem her usual self and I’ve just noticed a few other things health wise that aren’t sitting well with me. So yeah. (With how much I talk about Prynne on this blog maybe I should change the name of this blog to catears? Less book related, more life-related. Hmmmmm — something to think about.) Anywho! Back to book related things!

So we are back to books this week because some people don’t like poetry. But that’s no big — I live to serve. So, we are jumping back into fiction. This week I have been reading Black Swan Green by David Mitchell and I like it a lot!

The novel follows a year in the life of thirteen year old Jason Taylor, and all of the ups and downs that are attributed to this awkward phase of life. First love, first kisses, first butt-kicking. We also follow the long, painful road of his parent’s divorce in real time, watching the way that it affects Jason’s life, personal and familial, as well as his stammer. It’s another beautifully rendered coming of age story that deals with the real troubles of growing up in these turbulent times and the way that it affects home dynamics and the pressure that it puts on young people. In this age where marriages melt like ice cream and the political climate has a distinct trickle down, Mitchell illustrates just how easy it is to jar a thirteen year old’s world view.

Mitchell captures the voice of this teen incredibly well and the dictation and dialogue are spot on and endearing. He presents the irrational cruelty that young children are so fond and capable of with ease and efficiency. I find myself relating to a thirteen-year-old British boy eagerly and I feel his anxiety, his indignation, and his melancholy. I’m reminded of the growing pains that came with this time of my life, and Mitchell takes me back to a time that I don’t necessarily want to relive with little effort. Mitchell has recreated this pretty terrible age with an ease and charm that is endearing in its nostalgia.

So yeah, I really like this book. Also! I want to try to start incorporating baking into this blog so that it gives me an excuse to bake once a week. It’s incredibly therapeutic but with school and stuff I don’t always have time. But if I make it part of my homework every week then I have to bake. So take that! Anyway, if there is anything you would like to see me make just let me know! This is me officially taking requests!

Well, that’s it from me for now! Thanks for reading!




One Comment Add yours

  1. Art Taylor says:

    1) I love poetry.
    2) My wife Tara has been on a David Mitchell kick lately, and Black Swan Green is next on her list.
    3) My brother’s name is Jason Taylor, which weirded me out enough that I didn’t reach Black Swan Green myself (plus, the writing was so good, I felt intimidated, like I wouldn’t ever be able to write so well myself, which wasn’t what I needed at that point).
    4) Dark chocolate.


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